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Thirty years after the horrific deaths in an old house in Levenford (as told in Dark Valley), a group of lost souls gather in the same room for a spiritualist meeting. But when something is brought into this world from the dark side, pure evil is given flesh and blood. And evil demands flesh and blood.


The first to die is an innocent child. But more will follow one after another. Soon it is clear that the killer, whoever it is, whatever it is, loves the high, dark places.


Jack Fallon has to investigate the attrocities that have turned his town into a nightmare of dread. But soon, the strange psychic predictions of a young highland woman begin to unlock the secrets and lead him towards a terrifying and cataclysmic confrontation.


"I asked what sort of woman could steal a baby. But now I ask: What sort of baby would steal a mother...?"

  David Harper and Helen Lamont are investigating two seemingly separate cases. In one, an elderly woman has collapsed and died, mysteriously screaming for her lost baby. In the other, a home-loving young woman has disappeared...with a baby in her arms. A baby she never bore.

  And it's a very demanding baby indeed!

  It soon becfomes clear that this is not the beginning of the mystery, but a sequence that has spanned generations in suffering and fear. David Harper and Helen Lamont find themselves drawn into a chilling vortex that will challenge everything their believe about nature...and threaten their sanity and their lives.



A peaceful isolated village in a Scottish glen. But that peace will be shattered.

  For something old has come awake in the forest.

  Caitlin Brook, paralysed after a shooting that left her legs useless, came to the village for solitude and quiet. But her nights are troubled by strange dreams where she ran in the dark depthsb of the forest.

  Then two people entered her world. Martin Thornton, the journalist who witnessed the shooting, and Sheila Garvie an old woman wise in the ways of forest lore. She came to rely on them both.

  But as her life began to change, the ancient forest and its guardians moved towards a confrontation that had not been seen for centuries, with the forces of civilisation ranged against a primeval power that has awoken hungry.


I'll see you in hell first! Patsy Havelin's words would come back to haunt her after a desperate fight to rescue her son anjd daughyter from a mysterious cult. What she doesn't know is that the cult leader, beautiful Kerron Vaunche, wields more than just earthly power.

  And when Patsy flees with her children on the road home from the wilds of Scotland, her nightmare is just beginning.

  She drove into the night of storms and then the road shifted, changed...

  The road seemed to have no end. And beyond the verge, things lurked in the shadows, wild things not of this world. Dark things that would hunt and feed on anything that passed this way.

  Only her powerful mother-love can prevent Patsy losing her sanity on the nightmare road as she battles against all the odds to find a way home.











Part 1 of the Book of Ways mythic trilogy.


They are running for their lives, from a hideous dark menace. But when Jack Flint and his friend Kerry Malone run through a ring of ancient standing stones, something happens that will change their lives.

  They find they have been catapulted into the ancient Celtic mythical land of Temair. And to find their way back home, they must face the terrible dangers in this world, dangers that will threaten their lives as an ambitious chief attempts to raise the deadly demon Morrigan to conquer Temair. 

  But there is good in this world too. The mysterious bards, the strange forest leprechauns, and a new friend, Corriwen Redthorn, orphan daughter of a dead lord who is prepared to fight to the death for her birthright.

  Together, they will face all the dangers in a world of myth, magic and mayhem. 





Part !! of the Book of Ways


Jack Flint, Kerry Malone and Corriwen Redthorn face the demon Morrigan in a final cataclysmic battle when they try to escape through the homeward gate. In the terrifying struggle, Corriwen is thrown out of the ring of standing stones, and into another mythic world.

  After the dangers and perils of ancient Temair, Eirinn seems peaceful. But as they search for Corriwen, they discover a land in turmoil under the ravages of a ruthless chieftain and his black-hearted spellbinder. To save Corriwen, they have to face a dangerous journey across a ravaged land and face inhuman dangers. 

  But they have allies: - A troupe of travelling entertainers who are as weird as they are talented; a gentle giant and his huge hound, and finally an unbeatable warrior woman who joins them in their quest to steal the magical Harp of Tara and bring peace and harmony back to Eirinn.

  Beset by dangers on all sides, the three friends and Connor, a crippled orphan face everything an evil magician can conjure up to destroy them.








Part 111 of the Book of Ways.


After fighting through the perils of the Celtic mythworlds of Temair and Eirinn, orphann Jack Flint finally has a clue to the real identity of his father...and how to find him. He once again steps through the ring of standing stones and funds himself aloone in the oldest mythworld- Uainn. But his loyal friends Kerry and Corriwen won't let him face this on his own. they follow him through the gate into a land of summer that is now shadowed by  evel forces where where the nights are haunted and danger lurks in every corner.

  The three travellers discover that the hidden talismans which have kept peake in this world have been stolen and subverted to open Uainn to the dark forces of the underworld.

 Jack, Kerry and Corriwen, aided by a wise woman of the forests, must find the talismans - the Copperplates- and save Uainn from a dark fate.

 But then, to discover his own destiny, Jack must follow his father's footsteps down into the underworld and face even worse dangers....and make a discovery that will change their lives forever.



Journalist Nick Ryan has returned to his home town of Arden in the west of Scotland after years as a war correspondent. He needs the peace and quiet to forget the horrors of wars. But he returns to a home town that is strangely different. And it's not as peaceful as it appears.

  Something very ancient has awoken again in Arden, something Nick faced as a boy, something so terrible that his mind blanked it out completely.

  But as odd things begin to happen, and as people become more and more affected by something they cannot comprehend, Nick's memories begin to return in dreams.

  And it is in Arden, suddenly and mysteriously cut off from the outside world that three childhood friends are reunited. For only they hold the key to the evil that will turn the village into a nightmare of madness and violence.

  And the three will once again face the ancient enemy that almost destroyed their lives once before.


On Glasgow's tough streets an undeworld war is being waged for control of territory. The war heats up when a huge haul of narcotics is seized in a gun-battle in the docklands. 

  But as journalist Tom Risk investigates the gangland warfare, he uncovers a shocking web of curruption. Unwittingly he sets in motion a chair of events that will see the city erupt in violence and will put his life on the line.

  When he meets Detective Katrine Miller beither trusts the other.

  But when the line between the lawbreakers and law enforcement becomes increasingly blurred, it becomes impossible to know who can really be trusted.

  They realise they will have to find a way of working together as tension mounts on the streets and in the very heart of the police force to uncover a lucrative racket and expose the violent criminals who operate on both sides of the law.


The town is dying on its feet. Factories have shut down and Levenford in Scotland is in danger of becoming a ghost town. As more people are laid off, other firms are feeling the economic crunch, threatening even more unemployment.

  That's when a bunch of friends decide they've had enough. With no money and too much time on their hands, they are ready for any opportunity.

  And when the local distiller owner decides to sell up and cash in on the last batch of prime scotch whisky they decide that enough is enough.

  They concoct a plan to hijack the amber nectar. But the brains behind the heist has a plan for the millions of pounds of stolen scotch...a plan that will put Levenford back on the map. To do this, they will have to work out first how to steal 25,000 gallons of vintage hooch from a well-guarded distillery; how to keep it hidden in a small town....and how to prevent the police, the customs and excise and the local gang boss from getting their hands on it first.

  It's not going to be easy.